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You are welcome to visit our dongguan heng xiang hardware plastic products co., LTD。We will provide for you Avirulent environmental protectionPVCTube,Specializing in the production:PVCHose、TPU、TPR(TPE)、EVASoft environmental protectionPlastic tubeBone glueFlat beltAnd the hand WanDai;PVCTubeABSTubePPTube、PE、PS、PC、POMRigid pipe、ICPipe andDifferent profileExtrusion products。According to the customer incoming sample or picture information to open mold proofing,Production of goods。Provide the eu environmental protectionRoHS、EN71-3、REACH、Avirulent environmental protectionNON-PHTHALATES(Does not contain19P)、Food gradeFDAThe standardSGSTest certificates。Improve service conditions,The product quality,Price cheap delivery fast!

For environmental protection inspection certificate, pleaseQI

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