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        Zibo China water supply equipment co., LTD. As a professional water equipment manufacturers,China lu water supply all along persisted do not compromise the assurance of quality and innovation。Over the past two decades,Hua lu seize China's reform and opening up of water supply and water supply equipment industry high-speed development of historic opportunity,Based on user demand for continuous innovation,Strive for perfection,Won the respect and trust of customers。
        As leading water supply equipment and professional technology solutions provider,We insist on the focus strategy,Of no negative pressure water supply and water treatment in areas such as continuous investment,With user requirements and cutting-edge technology to drive innovation,The company has always been in the industry forefront。Company main products have passed“Quality certification”And the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant construction quality supervision and inspection center,Various performance indicators all qualified,And passedISO9001:2000The international system,At the same time has wonAAAThe title of super credit enterprise。
        The company is headquartered in shandong zibo development zone,Domestic market coverage in Beijing、Shanghai、Tianjin、Zhejiang、Henan、Hebei、Jiangsu、Shandong province and other major markets。

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